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Originally Posted by G_M_S View Post
Notice on the Fiscon Website it mentions the option of having the OEM style speaker fitted into the light unit - is this something that's available in the UK?

I think by speaker you actually mean microphone, Fiscon do Mic's to go in the interior light cluster like factory fit.

Here is the one just released for this kit if you want it it adds 24 to the price of the kit making it 442.80 altogether

Its very important to get the microphone sealed in the enclosure so that it doesn't pick up wind noise, the headlining forms a major part of the sound insulation in this respect. if you just try fitting the regular mic the other side of the light cluster it sounds shocking. a lot of factory hands-free's suffer from poor quality TX audio because of this.

This is the regular Parrot Mic that is fitted on the Fiscon install on an E90 at the moment in case you're wondering. This is the only irregular bit of the install and according to my last customers wife who used to speak to her husband on an OEM BMW handsfree it does sound better than the BMW factory kit on the TX audio side.
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