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Originally Posted by parapaul View Post
Hope you're still reading this: unable to PM you, the 'contact us' box on your website is the size of a postage stamp and I had a couple of questions I hope you can answer:

1. The mObridge site says that this system sits on the MOST ring before the CD changer, but that the HU can only provide functionality for one or the other. I can't find anything similar on the Fiscon site, but their kit looks the same.

So, does this mean that if I had this fitted (with my CD changer in the boot) that I would no longer be able to use it all the time I wanted a Bluetooth connection?

2. Either way, I want some kind of Bluetooth handsfree kit fitted - would you travel as far as Stoke or do you know someone you can recommend local to me?

Hi Paul

I fitted a few MObridge kits, they were best part of 800 and went in place of the CD changer on the MOST bus so if you wanted one you had to do away with the CD changer on the car. I think the Dension Gateway kit has the same problem. The Fiscon doesn't have this problem, as far as the MOST bus is concerned its a Telephone kit and will work with all other components on the most bus without an issue.

And yes I will go to Stoke NP

No-one has any stock at the moment though, we're expecting another shipment from ze faterland in the next week, the hold-up has been caused by BMW changing the software on the very latest 2011 plate cars meaning that the kit won't talk to it. The next batch of kits will have software to cope with these new vehicles but halted production for about a fortnight while it was sorted out.
Bluetooth Handsfree retrofitted at your home or office anywhere around the Northwest of the UK

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