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Originally Posted by sk8board511 View Post
I think someone should make a post or Master list of all the "cons" of pulling the fuse so that someone coming in can just see it and decide,

i know i read a few "cons" like speedo not working, traction control turned off, wipers go crazy, dash board turns x-mas tree but we should make a true list of what the actual effects are of going RWD by the fuse. preferably made by someone who has done it themselves and not just ones that have read through the postings
Cons are as stated:

Wipers: consistently on. There's a fix: turn off the car and turn it back on. Now the wipers are off, but cannot be activated again until the fuse is replaced.

Speedometer: that is dead.

Signal: turn signals are not self cancelling anymore, due to the steering position sensor being deactivated.

ABS: This is out, and I mean out. I stomped on the brakes to test and caught all 4 wheels in lock. I don't recommend on public roads.

AWD: the obvious, this doesnt work. And its an open diff with no intervention from DTC meaning one wheel can spin to its hearts desire. Proven with experimentation.