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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by hks786 View Post
XF facelift: I like it. Sometimes the best designs are simple and while it might not have the same surface detail as the 5 series it just works. Now I can't imagine the headlights being any different. They should have been like this from day one. Just think where Jag came from (X-type and S-type).

XF-R facelift: Front intakes are so random lol. The car also has other details like chrome and vents that I wouldn't like if it was a BMW but again it just works. I think it will stand out well next to the M5 and E63. Now we just need to see the new RS6.

Edit: Oh yeah and the R badge needs to come off and I'm still not a fan of the wheels. I think the reason why this car looks good is because the whole thing is a unique design. The 5 series, A6 etc are similar to other models and you can't just stick crazy bumpers on them because it wouldn't fit in with the rest of the design.
Good summary. I really hate the front bumper on the R. Badge is pointlessly offset.

I think the hood could lose that central raised section, or at least tone it down. Also wish they shaped the central intake better than the really basic geometric shape they have going on in the regular XF.

They could've toned down the squint on the headlights too. Seems like it's trying a bit too hard. Great improvements overall regardless. Definitely improved the tail lend of the car.
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