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Originally Posted by keona View Post
Just changed CHF 11S, but few hours later almost all the fluid dripped out.
  • My power steering is almost empty now.
  • Pump is making really loud noises.
  • My steering wheel is barely moving.

What did I do wrong?

(I followed every step that you posted)

What can be done to fix this?

(Maybe a had to put more strength when I was closing draining bolt)

Please help.

*** Added pictures, as you can see liquid dripping from other bolt, is it self bleeding system that you talked about??? or there is is something wrong?
What you did wrong is the black bolt (which everyone is incorrectly calling a drain bolt - it is actually called a banjo bolt), is installed with the both sealing washers on the head side of the bolt. You did not install the sealing washers correctly. One should be inbetween the head of the bolt and the banjo fitting (head-side of the bolt) and the other washer should be between the banjo fitting and the steering rack body (thread-side of the bolt). You put both sealing washers together under the head when you re-installed the bolt. You think the fluid is leaking from the lower bolt but it is just the fluid dripping down onto the lower bolt.

To everyone, there is no drain on the steering rack. The OP just removed either the supply or return line to/from the steering rack. However this is just as effective as if there were an actual drain bolt. Also, you should always use new crush-washers (sealing washers) when removing banjo fittings just to make sure they seal properly.