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Definitely not the last time I'm going this year. Sunday was very enjoyable and surprisingly quiet. I don't think the track was closed for any time during the day. I had several laps late in the afternoon where I only saw a few cars. I'm sure the Easter weekend will be a lot more busy and packed with people.

The weekday ones are great when the car park looks like this:
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On Sunday there were plenty of people hanging around in the car park, but not many going out. So a great atmosphere, but quiet on track.

I need to sort out some new pads soon as the CBS numbers didn't like my driving. Perhaps doing 4 back to back laps twice during the trip was a bit hard on them.
Not including the 6 laps I did on Thursday, the numbers in iDrive went down 5000-6000 miles in 9 laps over two days:

Fronts: 7000 -> 2100 miles
Rears : 11000 -> 5000 miles

The front numbers have started to climb a bit again, but I'll have a good look all around tomorrow and give the pads and discs a good clean. The outside pads looks okay, so unless the inside looks worse there should still be some meat left in them.
Anyway I really enjoyed the week and the wear rate on the pads shows that I must have had fun.

It won't be long before it's decision time..... same again, APs on front or something else...
Buying APs are quite tempting as it would be great to have a bit more bite as the standard pads felt a little vague on lap 3-4.