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Originally Posted by dreptroman View Post
3 new maps later and now i still have the problem at 70kph in 3rd...this is unbelievable...haven't these guys tested the damn maps on auto gearboxes?

I know the question might be stupid but does it happen to you guys to get cars who behave like this?

Would Evolve be able to provide a map to fix this?
I didn't enjoy my Superchips remap on my auto 320d .... and returned it for a refund. I have had numerous maps from Superchips on many cars and loved them all - but not this one ! Their map didn't suit my auto box and driving ... and made downchanges fairly brutal ... though I did not have any vibration.

Their map felt superb - but the auto box didn't seem to like it. It has put me off remapping auto diesels - it seemed like just too much torque was at work and the box didn't like it.

Another tuner on another forum suggested that the box needs it's settings changing to accomodate the remap ... and that they had found said tuner hadn't done this - though it is easy for one tuner to slag another off on a forum ... something Superchips (or for that matter Evolve) don't get involved in !

But, as I say, FWIW though my problem was not like yours it is odd the auto box seems to dislike the map !!

I decided how to go about getting more power without issues - I sold the 320d and bought an LCI 330d auto