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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by M3_WC View Post
Are trying to say the dual clutch transmissions cause this? X5M/X6M don't have a dual clutch. The E63 doesn't technically have a dual clutch either.
Nope, not only caused by dual clutch transmissions. That's why I said "even the E63 does this".

I think the "farts" in the latest Audi transmissions are ridiculously stupid sounding, by comparison. Seriously, go on an Audi forum. They're called shift farts. It's fucking stupid. The RS5 and RS3 sound hilarious when they shift up under heavy throttle. I'd be embarrassed if my car made that noise when I got on the gas. The E63's at least sounds a little more natural and not so flatulent-esque.
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