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Thanks again for the comments.

Anyway PLEASE tell me you have your washing methods and products all planed ready to protect that lovely new car from swirls?!?
Don't worry. I'm careful. And quite determined this one won't be going near the Kosovans

Rich - are you getting any excessive road nosie form those Michelin tyres?
Not that I've noticed but I still haven't been on a proper run yet. I'm up the motorway tomorrow so I'll let you know.

Had a play out last night with the Xenons and they are awesome! First car with them and it's a revelation. High Beam Assist is pretty nifty too. And I'd forgotten the the lights turn with the steering!

That looks stunning superb colour, and those gunmetal wheels really work against the LMB. Just a shame it's a HDD nav
Yes, sorry I couldn't help you. The wheels are great though. They hide all sorts of grubbiness

And a bit more Le Mans Blue loveliness...

A wash with Werkstat AutoBody Wash and then a couple of coats of Werkstat Acrylic Jett: Trigger.


And I lined up the BMW wheel caps with the M logo

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