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Originally Posted by Yogijet View Post
He may be a brilliant mechanic though. I really don't care if my mechanic can't speak or write a lick of English. If my brakes are broken and breaks are what he's good at fixing, and his breaks are my brakes, and he doesn't take breaks while fixing my brakes, nor break my brakes when he's breaking them in with braking, and at the end of the day my brakes are not broken, then we're good. I wrote that as a tribute to this thread and will now sell it to Montessori as a nursery rhyme for kids.
Kind of meant, a long rambling post that talks down to others, where spelling is good for the most part and yet cant spell the word hes an "authority" on.
Saw it happen on a Corvette forum Im a member where some jerk off was berating another, going on and on about how much of an audiophile(he spelled it correctly) he is yet spelled base numerous times refering to subs. Guy turned out to be a know nothing and was outed.
Just stuck with me. know what you mean though.