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Installation on E92- Walmart R94

Originally Posted by shaizada View Post
Has anybody done this DIY Battery replacement on an E92? I just see experiences with an E90.

First: What a fantastic DIY this is . Thank you , thank you!

I just installed a Walmart R94 on my 2008 E92. First some numbers:
my BMW battery had 720 CCA and 160RC; LxWxH 14x7x7.5
the R94 has 765 CCA, RC not specified; LxWxH 12.5x7x7.5 price $105.
(Walmart has also an H8 battery with 760CCA 13.75 x7x7.5 for $95; it is a white battery with a black top; looks like a good candidate too, but it does not have the BMW diagnostic "eye" like the R94; I preferrred the R94 because of that). The fit for the R94 is also perfect because there is a second hole in the bottom exactly at the right spot to mount the holding clamp at the Neg pole side. There are one or two minor differences in the DIY procedure for the E92 compared to the original one.
I bought the BT tool, but had some trouble installing the software on an old laptop (took me hours; needed to load some other Microsoft packages before I could install the BT software) and I have not used the "battery reset "function yet. Also downloaded a TIS manual, which was more hassle than I expected. It is a Torrent download and the result is an .iso file - which is a CDROM image - which you then have to burn on to a DVD. Not working yet. I plan to add more info later when I have some more time and results.