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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
BTW I went to the Tint Shop in West Henrietta:

$324 w/ tax. Side windows + rear windscreen. Just missed the sale last week they had for $212, same stuff. Make sure you get 3M Color Stable, it has a lifetime warranty and is the best you can get quality-wise. Most tints I see on the road are total shit.

They also do 3M wrapping for the rest of your car . . . it's like $800 for the front and some of the hood, $1200 for the whole front. Little expensive for me but I like the idea. Mirrors are like $140 or something, that might be worth it.
Car detailing is a hobby of mine, I always keep my rides in top shape and am embarrased to drive them any other way.

Edit: Sedans are a little more for tint, like +$30 or something.
Tint shop is where I was a week ago. I stopped by to get a quick quote. I have a lot of friends that have taken their cars there and liked what they did. WOO! you do like detailing! haha I like a clean car but being in western NY I cant get to picky.