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Originally Posted by AMASIAN View Post
What are you doing out here?

Well, keep us in the know...

Also, I'm starting to get into the detailing side of things. I priced it out at around $700 for everything I need in fair quantity for full leather treatment, interior, wash/dry, 2 stage polish, sealant, wax, clay, etc including orbital...

Not sure if I'm prepared for that type of fiscal commitment. What is the going rate for such things as I just spoke of and what products steps do you offer in your services?
G'Morning everyone . AMASIAN I will send you over a PM just to stay within forum boundaries.

For those who don't want to get into something like that, there is a Montego Blue E90 328 driver over here outside of Buffalo(I wonder if he is on the forum here) who does an absolutely amazing job in taking care of his vehicle. He wants to leave the polishing and sealing aspect to a professional but the last time I saw him we looked over his vehicle and there were only a few spots(isolated from birdbomb and possible delivery or random mark) that really required attention. He is booking a wash/decon and light polishing session for the spring to take care of the marks that bother him but otherwise to brighten up the paint so he can enjoy it and maintain it. Other than that his car is PERFECT, absolutely gorgeous and I told him straight up that he does an absolutely outstanding job.

Point of this is, if you want to leave the polishing and back-up-to par processes to a professional just make sure your washing and drying routine is in order after to prevent damage and you are guaranteed to keep that level of a finish. This particular person is a textbook example of how proper post-detail care keeps vehicles in looking perfect.

Also, to add to this thread: For the WNY guys, truly outstanding European mechanical and tuning shop called Blackforest Motorsport is located here in Buffalo near the airport. The owner's name is Jason and he is a very honest, straight shooting gentleman who wants literally the best for his customers and does work in a very timely manner. An exceptional alternative to waiting for dealerships. He and I recently worked on a mini-project and I wouldn't hesitate to take any vehicle of mine there(even the non-euro vehicles).