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Hey Rich

See if you can beat me for car washing sadness? From start to finish...


Jet wash with water only to loosen brake dust then apply Very Cherry wheel cleaner with foam bottle, leave to soak then wash off.
Hand wash wheels and tire walls with Megs Gold Class and lambswool mit and rinse.


Jet wash with light pressure to remove surface grit.
Snow Foam entire car with Foam Lance, including wheels, wheel arches and under skirts etc. Leave for five minutes and jet wash off.
Hand wash each panel with lambs wool mit using two bucket method with grit guards and Megs Gold Class.
Once each panels clean and free from grit wash again from top to bottom using Megs and mit keeping car wet all over whilst doing so, allowing it to sheet. Once done immediately dry with drying towel.

Voila, clean, shiny and no water marks or blisters!

Most I've done polishing wise is Megs Quick Detailer for now but I have been meaning to apply some Dodo Juice Wax I've had sitting since Christmas. Perhaps I'll have a go this weekend?

I've also got a Das Pro with range of Mezuma Polishes sat in the garage as well but I've not actually got any swirls yet. Considering been washing it once a week since the beginning of January thats quite impressive!

Saying that I have just picked up a small etch mark from some bird muck that was only on there for a couple of hours, perhaps I'll give it a go removing it with the Das. By the way, watch bird muck, don't know what this one had eaten but I suspect it had holiday'd at Fukishima.

In regards to the Xenon's I've had them on my Saab for several years but the BMW' is in a different league. On top of the steering round bends and High Beam Assist the Full Beam is Xenon as well. It's crazy. The Mrs was driving behind me the other night and held them on, it was like I was being abducted by Aliens. They are extremely bright!

Will check to see if my centre caps line up ASAP, don't want to let the side down!
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