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Originally Posted by ChrisCharcoalE92 View Post
thats my whole point im not trying to assume...i feel a response here would be better bc it would let everyone know whos interested...i just want to see whats worth my while bc i have a friend who works in a shop who can take the lights out for me and if they cost me 30 to ship to oss and the jobs 649 and 30 back id pay less regardless of downtime i could care less about honestly

im not knockin you guys i just feel the point of a to get a
Well there you go. You've answered your own question. Most if not all people in this group buy can't deal with a week to two week downtime period during which they cannot use their car at all. That's not feasible at all for people who use this car as a daily driver. This is a MUCH more convenient and easier option for most people.
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