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Originally Posted by autoaesthetica View Post
For those who don't want to get into something like that, there is a Montego Blue E90 328 driver over here outside of Buffalo(I wonder if he is on the forum here) who does an absolutely amazing job in taking care of his vehicle. He wants to leave the polishing and sealing aspect to a professional but the last time I saw him we looked over his vehicle and there were only a few spots(isolated from birdbomb and possible delivery or random mark) that really required attention. He is booking a wash/decon and light polishing session for the spring to take care of the marks that bother him but otherwise to brighten up the paint so he can enjoy it and maintain it. Other than that his car is PERFECT, absolutely gorgeous and I told him straight up that he does an absolutely outstanding job.
That is me! I know I am really OCD about my car! Its a garage queen!

Mike, thanks for the kind words!

Mike when did you join E90post? Any BMW's in your future?

I contacted Blackforest about doing a CDV delete I spoke to Jason he seemed very genuine! I might have this done in a few weeks!

here is my baby

another picture inside the BMW Welt the day I picked her up!

If you love BMW's put Euro Delivery on your bucket list it was a blast!