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RWD only.
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Originally Posted by porsche1 View Post
I just log into BMW forums to laugh at BMW owners calling other cars ugly ...
Especially in some forums\folks have sugested that they copied the 5 series...i believe that BMW will be last place any car manufacturer would go to to copy design!!! Stop flattering yourselves.

I love the new direction Lexus is heading...would be great if the front makes it to the ISF.
You are clearly some sort of retard if you think this thing looks good. I never understood how anybody could like the majority of Lexus's styling direction.

Inb4fanboy: I'm an obsessive when it comes to car design. I'll rave about any design that's actually good. I'll also voice my opinion when a car/concept looks like a deformed piece of shit (LF-Gh, case in point).
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