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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
Put a chip on the 2.0T engine and your 328xi would be eating dirt.
The 2.0T engine stock is admittedly low on power as it is a 4 cylinder engine. Once it gets a APR tune your 328xi would have no chance and that would be a 4cylinder engine beating your 6.
It is the same with the 335i once tuned it is a lot faster. That is the beauty of FI compared to your NA 328 engine.
Don't mean to disrespect your 328xi but in tuned form the 2.0T is better while in stock form your 328 engine is better.
To give you an idea I have a B5 1.8T tuned engine and I raced a 330i with it stock and got blown away. I put it in the chipped/tuned mode and I beat the 330i by about 1 car length to the next light and he couldn't catch up either so it wasn't just the AWD as you might think. We pulled over at the next gas station to check under my hood to check if I had NOS but he was shocked that it was just a tune. The 335i guys will understand this more than the 328 guys.
Dead on. I completely understand the 2.0t has potential... but for paying 56k for a car that has lazy/loose steering, floaty suspension and a terrible exhaust note... no thank you. I easily could have afforded a 335- but with the amount I that I drive/reliability factors, I could not justify to deal with the hpfp failure. My last car (a VW touareg V8) was in the shop more than I got to drive it, basically. I actually has driven almost every Audi in the line up as loaners when my car would go in for various parts such as; driveshafts, bearings, a thermostat, climate control system replacements and so forth. I did like the Audi- but some of my friends had the 328 and 335. I fell in love with the smooth and linear feel of the 328. The 335 would be great for me as a second car with all of that power. Back to Audi- obviously the brand you choose is clearly for subjective reasoning, but coming from my mom's old Audis (A8, A6 and TT) to see the new product direction... it really left me unimpressed after driving my roommates/loaners. Sure, they look all fancy with LED's and swoopy body lines- but this also dates the car I feel. I mean, look at the q7! It is like a hippo that had some fun in mud and rolled around in LED lights. That and terrible reliability = . I don't have time for that.
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