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Originally Posted by Richwm View Post
Mine intermittently faults out after about twenty miles of driving then resets the next time you drive the car. Mine also is not tied to any events. Valencia BMW tried to fix it, they recalibrated the Steering angle sensor and on my way back from the dealer it faulted again. After that they recomended replacing it. I have been driving it for six months and just turning off DSC before I drive it
Do you know what fault its throwing? (94BE steering sensor internal) I think thats what it was. Once it faults, do your turn signals stop automatically turning off? I could drive about 2-3 miles then it would fault and I would lose turn signals, cruise and DSC/DTC. I think the computer is looking for a specific TTL signal. I counted 10 different pulse trains on the encoder wheel given a specific pattern of high and low signals. I think if it counts enough mistakes it throws a fault, maybe thats why it takes awhile.