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Originally Posted by tarheel91 View Post
No, you were not. Mocking involves imitating in a scornful manner. You were not imitating him. You corrected his grammar. It was an ironic, indirect insult. In correcting his grammar, you implicitly pointed out the irony in his post. As Eric said, sarcasm is more direct, in that you address the problem directly (i.e. "I'm so glad we're having our grammar corrected by such a world-class grammarian.").

That thing about Eric Partridge was sarcasm, good job. You were mocking my use of his quote by calling him "world famous." Ironically (because you would not expect the sarcastic exaggeration to wind up being true), he kind of is famous.

Again, I'll ignore the ad hominem, unless you actually think calling me nerdy really helps your argument somehow.
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