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MERCSUk153...thanks for keeping the 1.8T "neva-lose" legend alive! Playing!

I have yet to understand why Audi has not put the 3.0T in the S5 coupe. But as a long time Audi fanboi...the other day I parked my e92 and when I came out there was an open spot and then a brand new s-line A5 parked. Its owner was comparing too...and while we agreed there was not much in it...different strokes for different folks...for me....I suddenly noticed the rakish and angular c pillar that juts into the flowing body lines on the A5...first "weird" angle I've noticed on that car for me.

And we both got in our cars and drove away knowing we both drove the nicer car! Life is best this way!

Heck, after driving my BMW for 8 months I'm even thinking the Bangle butt 5 series are nice looking cars...seriously!