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Originally Posted by yikes98 View Post
DSC/DTC works just fine in my car, as it should. A cold or fracture solder joint was the culprit. It acts like a loose electrical connection and symptoms are usually intermittent electrical problems. They are really hard to see and sometimes microscopic. Ever see a LCD or LED display where the characters are missing stuff, then if you push it in the right spot it comes back?

Do you mean the clock spring assembly where the multi-function buttons plug into?
Well, yes the clock spring assembly, plus the part under it, the one that has the turn signals, wiper arms, control board. once i changed them, the 3 lights came on, and a professional BMW coding mechanic told me that it only needs to be coded. so, would doing this DIY do the trick? instead of coding it? will it be able to detect malfunctions again?