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Originally Posted by MERCSUk153 View Post
No argument from me on the pricing and handling of the S5. You can read my above comments on the car. I do understand the car though as a GT car and not as a sports car. Don't understand the 2.0T engine though in that car since GT cars are for cruising and the 2.0T engine tuned is hardly a cruising car.
I was arguing based solely on the 2.0T engine that another 328 owner said was slow. I was just pointing out once tuned that the 2.0T engine is superior IMO to the 328xi engine for performance not to mention that it could also be modded with a larger turbo to get even more power but that is a whole other discussion.
As for Audi not being reliable than I can't argue that against the 328 as that is a fairly reliable engine. Once you compare the 335is and and other higher performance models from BMW you will see that it is no more reliable than Audi's as much as you BMW owners want to think. Look at the reports from various sources like JD power and Consumer Reports and any other industry reliability report and you will see that they all more or less indicate this. Don't tell me that all the industry reports are innaccurate.
You could have had a bad experience but it doesn't mean that is the norm as if you read these boards you would think BMW is the worst but it isn't any better or worse than Audi.
As much as you hate the led lights if you haven't noticed BMW has incorporated them also!

Unfortunately, Audi's (at least in the northeast, a prominent market for Audi) are known to be prone to some ridiculous problems. My mom's a6 2.7t in 2004 needed two turbo replacements, one awd sensor, a transmission solenoid replaced and a million other things. With the "its only this car- I will trade up attitude" she went and traded it in for a 2006 Audi A8 L. This car always had the headlight distance control light go off, the whole dash backlighting stopped working at 5k miles, the rear window would not go down, the trim on the rear door kept popping up and broke when closing it once, one time the screen was shut in behind the wooden-trimmed door and we could not access a lot of the features on the MMI. After 40,000 miles- my mom called it quits with Audi. This should not happen with a 75,000.00 car. Growing up we had 7-series and they never had any of these issues I am not bashing Audi- but it is a car that has not done me, or my family well. Yes, BMW has their reliability issues and so does mercedes- hell even honda and kia do in some of their cars. However, many of my friends and family who have both bmw's and mercedes do not nearly have half the amount of problems mechanically, or quality-wise than Audi or VW. It is unfortunate, but it's the truth. In 2009, my Touareg 4.2 was in the dealer 11 times (and towed 3 times). In 2010, my 328xi was at the dealer one time.. for scheduled maintnence. In terms of looks, and quality- the new Audi's are just for different tastes IMO... BMW does have LED's but they are not in straight lines. They are in the same shape as their traditional design, which makes them appear a little updated but not obnoxious.
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