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Originally Posted by Wosby View Post
Exactly as i said. There are people doing it, which means there is a way around that whole liability issue everyone keeps bringing up.
There is always a way around the liability issue, it's called insurance right? I think one of the bigger issues is just the business model. Who are you going to staff this place with, mechanics that don't fix anything? ...and how do you keep folks with running off with the tools? They aren't always cheap. Also, you may need some sort of club model to finance the space.

I have seen this at several military bases, it's a common thing (or at least it had been last time I checked). They have a whole sign in sheet deal and they have a GS mechanic who mans the shop who you sign out tools from and ask questions to () .

I know there (is?) one at Lackland AFB, TX on the back side of the non-training side gas station. I have also seen inspection facilities in Ft. Rucker, AL as well as lift centers, but I am unsure if they are staffed.

I can see if there is something at Nellis AFB, NV and the San Diego naval area as well, I'll just go up and start asking around to see what I come up with. Also for people who don't have base access, local racetracks have associated facilities as well.