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Angry Deep dent on my car, should I upgrade my insurance?

So I was driving to work and I heard a loud clonk on the passenger side of my car. When I get to work, I look to see that I have a really deep 1 inch red dent next to my gas tank. Now I've asked an auto repair place before about repairing things on this panel and he said it wouldn't be cheap because it's a large panel and they have to blend it.

So here's my dilemma...

Right now I have a pretty high deductible. I can either file collateral and pay the deductible to fix my dent,


I upgrade my deductible to something very low and then report the dent as something I got after the upgrade.

my question is, has anyone tried to do this before? and what are the chances of this working out in my favor? Is there any way they can tell that the dent was from a long time ago versus recently?

I'm thinking about upgrading, and then waiting a month to claim it. Any ideas or advice would be helpful. Thanks!