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Logic 7 is very hard to change the head unit

Why the Logic 7 system uses a proprietary fiber optic connection to the multi channel amp in the trunk . There are not any aftermarket head units that use this format as far as I know so it means replacing the Logic 7 Amp with another amp or multiple amps with enough channels to feed all the speaker locations. some people use a MS-8 and amps to modify this system

Its no picnic to change the head unit an e9x because of the side effects either.
also see the last statement

See the dynavin threads to see what the problems are.
Its the same reason other head units won't work with logic 7 because of the logic 7 amp

mobridge make some stuff but I don't think it tranlates to a bmw fiberoptic signal format

Relocating the Head Unit and leaving it hooked up is only to allow the BMW in house programmer to be able to run diagnostics and software updates and to retain door chimes and or BMW SoS and bluetooth

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