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Angry Cracked Bumper, fix ideas??

I was driving down the highway and a truck ran over a shredded flat tire, threw it up in the air and into my front end (about 2 weeks into me buying my 335) It detsroyed my lower grille, dented the bumper below that, and ripped out about half of the screws on the under side of the bumper that attach it to the under carriage cover. My passenger air duct was also cracked. After replacing the grille (gave me a reason to black it out) I am stuck with a dilema....

Try to rig the bumper to the under cover with some self tapping screws, adhesive tape, or full replacement.

If I go the self fix route I was tempted to buy an aero lip to hide the dent / scratches left on the front lip of the bumper... This would be the most cost effective, but seems like a half ass job to me... Do yall reccomend going that route or replacing the parts and add the oem aero lip or going full mtech front end from tischer??

I will post pics this afternoon.