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Originally Posted by Sakebomb View Post
Hey Guys!

I was really amazed on how much power it made. whats even more interesting is the guy operating the dyno said I could of made even more power if mine was a Manual transmission or DCT apparently the automatic when he was dynoing would kick down too many gears which made things a bit more difficult

Def excited with the car and the Vishnu Downpipe cant wait to save my pennies and get a PROcede.
Your dyno operator didn't know how to properly operate the car. That is why he was having issues. There is a kick down "button" on the gas pedal. You can easily feel it when you depress the gas pedal all the way, at the very end you will feel a slight click as the button is depressed. I have read you can tape it down to prevent the dyno operator from messing up your results by not know how to properly dyno the car. Great results none the less though!