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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
No doubt the car has road presence. I've said that from the beginning, and still stand up for its design when people criticize it. However, I'm still gonna stick to what I said, which was that the Panamera won't have anything on the new-gen CLS63. It'll have more presence, more modernity, and more sleekness. While I don't completely approve of the heavy asian influence in the taillight, or the strangely overstretched intakes up front, I do think it'll captivate your eye more than any other four door with its extreme form.

I don't trust online pictures anymore. Certain cars, like nearly all VAG products, look great in photos, but boring in person. It's vice versa for BMW design, and I'm sure the same will be said of the new-gen Benz products.
+1 on everything. I've seen the new CLS quite a lot now, for some strange reason I always see it from behind lol. The rear taillights really are that bad. However, the body and side profile look very similar to the previous CLS but it just seems more muscular and has more presence. I think the front intakes are weak and could have been better but yeah the car does look good. Interior is top.

+1 on the pics thing too. I really really liked the F10 5 series in pictures but the more I've seen it on the road it seems a bit boring now! Even in M-sport! Yet the E60 still looks really good in M-sport. It doesn't look bad at all but as I say it's just not that eye catching.

Also, I'm not liking the SLS in pictures but on the road it looks good.