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Originally Posted by Mallard View Post
seing as you have the dynamic module in already, the job is a lot easier , but the ACC is rediculously expensive from new (and depending on the damage sustained on the used version if it is even useable)
The one i will get, is not damaged at all, the veichle was burned in the back side, so the front is not damged ( but some stuff was already sold, so i think i will not get the wiring from that car)

calibration required for the acc sensor is very complicated
your Vin spec will need to be re-written to have the 541 option
I guess this can be done at the BMW service after it's mounted??

and because the sensor is not a retrofit item, ive no idea how the wiring should look for this
yeah, that's that worries me, BMW ussaly dont leaves and "free cables" like some other brands do.In worst case scenario i will have to buy new cables, but i'm hoping just to find the correct pins on the conector and plug them in.It would help to get some wiring plans or maybe find a car with working ACC.

So just to be sure, now i only have to get the ACC sensor and mounting stuff, wiring and correct coding, wright?

Looking into the WDS here may be of assistance

also calibration

and removal / install