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Help with an e90 splitter please!

I bought a sport bumper for my E90 320d, but have yet buy sport fogs, mesh and have yet to spray and fit it.

I'm now considering selling the sport bumper and buying a front lip/splitter instead. But the only one I would like is the one I can't find the name off. It comes down in the centre, almost like the sport bumper. I think it may be a Schnitzer one, but I couldn't be sure. Its not the Schnitzer ones that are on ebay and the likes, I have found this front lip/splitter no where, I've only ever seen it on cars with the original SE bumper and original fog lights.

If anyone knows what it's called and/or where I could get it would be great, thanks!

I'm in the UK also if that helps.

Ps. I can't even find a picture of one to show you!