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Originally Posted by jmilber View Post
Hey all,

Check out the pics of my 335i. My friends tell me I gotta drop the sonuvabitch... I think it'd look cool, but am worried it will cause bottoming out and make my ride uncomfortable.

Do you guys think it is worth it to drop my car? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Or, will I just ruin my luxury cars smooth suspension and be inconvenienced by bottoming out over this juvenile pleasure.

What is the most conservative way to drop it? Lower it 1/4 inch? Let me know what you guys think about dropping it, and if I do it, what is the safest way to do it. Appreicate your input.

PS. Maybe posting in ths suspension section of this forum could = a bit of a bias towards dropping?
Yes, your friends are going to tell you that you need to drop it because it cosmetically looks better when the car is lowered and wheel gap has been reduced however cosmetically and ride pleasure are two totally different things.

From the looks of things, you are running on a Sports Stock Suspension (please confirm).

There are a couple things to consider when debating a suspension alteration which is all going to be based on your opinion and your environment.

1. What is your road conditions in your area. I have pretty bad road conditions in the NorthEast therefore I would not drop mine no matter how often my friends kept telling me that it looked like a monster truck. I would be destroying my front lip even more than I already do, and drives me insane hearing that scraping noise.

2. Cosmetic satisfaction > Driving satisfaction? The stock sport suspension is a beautiful suspension. Even with 19" aftermarket rims, the cosmetic appears and drive quality of the suspension is not THAT bad.

Unless you buy a pair of springs and stocks to match or coilovers which are even more expensive I would not make the change. Alot of people will say that H&R Sport with stock struts will work, however since you have a sedan and packing people in your car is a possibility, riding on aftermarket springs with stock suspension will not feel right and make some long rides bumpy.

If you do have the financial ability to lower the car, I'd make the dive, if your own edge, I'd leave as is. Save your ears and front bumper from some driveway scraps enjoy the car. Its already alot lower than most stock vehicles on the market and aggressive as is.

The Pro's will outweigh the Cons if you do it properly for your road conditions and invest the money.

P.s. - I love the color. Your already starting to look like my twin.

Edited: Ignore everything I just wrote above. I just noticed your from CA. Your streets are smooth as butter. You'll be fine with a drop, lol

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