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Originally Posted by jmilber View Post
Ahhh I am so confused! So many people tell me differen't things. Yes,it is a sports packet that already came with the car. Does that mean the shocks I have are already more aggressive so I might be able to get away with just buying springs?

I dont mind spending a little extra $ for a smoother ride and better handling. Given that info, what would you guys say will have the best results?

1.) Eibach Pro-System - Springs & Dampers
2.) Eibach Pro-Springs & Stock Shocks
3.) Sibach Pro Springs & Koni Dampers

I will spend up to $1000, and want the best ones in terms of ride comfort and drivers satisfaction. I also want a minimal drop from where it is right now.

Thanks guys!
Eibach Pro Springs are the the most conservative drop available from what I'm aware of when it comes to altering spring however I do not know any shock pairing for those sets of springs. You'll need other people to chim in.

As mentioned, you can get away with stock struts but if you want to change you'll need to do some research on what people use for combo's and quality of the ride.

BMW chose the springs and the struts for a reason.. an idealistic ride quality, your altering their idealistic combo.

Coilovers are expensive and probably not necessary for daily driving.

I personally am annoyed with any adjustable setup however people swear by coilovers because of the complete package they provide.