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Originally Posted by Wlew View Post
you dont want to keep the stock shocks with lowered springs. you can, but the shocks will wear out a lot faster. so you would inevitably have to replace them. thus costing you a 2nd installation charge. might as well do it all at once and save some cash.

If you are interested in the Eibach/Koni set up.... contact Gavin@MMW. I bought my set up from him and it has been great. Plus, he is the man. one of the best mods I have ever done to my car. Makes it a lot more fun to drive. and looks good, especially with my Avant Garde's....that Gavin also hooked me up with.
From the plethora of posts I've read on this matter it seems like H&R springs require a necessary shock upgrade but as far as eibach or B&G it isn't as necessary.
There is a lot of talk about them wearing down faster with H&R but I've talked to people with B&G springs that have ran on stock shocks for 70k miles.
Also, seems like cars with B&G or eibach handle just as well with stock shocks. I could care less about improving performance. All I want is a lower ride without sacrificing comfort.
(I base all this on what I read from this forums)

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