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Originally Posted by neusaab View Post
My MS-8 is slated to arrive tomorrow. I believe I've seen an RCA to iPod connector that I plan on plugging into the MS-8 and running into the cabin to be accessed at the center console.

Will such a setup allow full use of the stock head unit controls (volume, fader, etc.) while using the iPod, or will I be stuck with iPod volume control only? My planned system will be the MS-8 driving all but the underseat speakers, which will be replaced and driven with another amp.

Will the RCA/iPOd connector require power and ground, or will that be handled through the RCA's in the MS-8?

Stupid questions, maybe, but thanks.
Not sure if you found answers, but here ya go.

The only stupid questions are the one's we don't ask. So to answer your questions:
1. Using an RCA iPod connector does not allow you to use ANY head unit(stock or aftermarket) to control the iPod.
Reason: RCA connector plugs into the headphone jack of the iPod, and not the usb port. the usb port of the iPod is where you get control of it. So you would have to choose/change songs through the actual iPod

2. No need for power or ground for the RCA iPod Connector as it is just like plugging the connector into your home stereo or aux port.

Now that I have answered your questions, I have one suggestion regarding your planned setup since you plan to run everything but your underseats from the ms-8.

I would, and am doing somewhat of the opposite (granted, I am upgrading everything in my car's audio). I purchased an amp to run all the speakers except for the rear deck speakers, which will be powered by the ms-8's onboard amp. Why do it this way? well I give credit to VP electricity to pointing this out, but the rear speakers are just for fill anyway, unlike a hometheater the rear speakers don't have "backround sounds" to play. So for your case, I would suggest just stepping up to a slightly larger amp to handle the underseats AND your front components and if I remember correctly the 3 series has a center channel? Anyways, hope that helps you out. VP electricity is the person to go to for more information, I just thought I would relay what he has told me.