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Originally Posted by LEA69 View Post
paint Protection from BMW is a no no... good but way over priced. I'd get it done, but get it done 3rd party as they will offer the same warranty as BMW does. The BMW $3000 paint protection package covers fixing of small dents too and scratches... but will be seriously clock up $3000 worth of dent repair to get your money back??

Just be more careful where you park to avoid car door banging into yours or trolleys!!!!

The paint protection clear cost thingie where they add an extra layer of 'topcoat' to your car, would be good esp for bird poo!!!!! Stinking seagulls pooed on my car, and its baked on, cant get the blooming stain off...regretting not getting the protection done to my car. Still want to do it though.....

I can certainly tell you about the paint protection facts and myths. We do several a day.