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Originally Posted by Detailed Image View Post
Believe it or not, I've seen plenty of people use the technique that I thought you were describing. Not the most effective but it's better than an automatic car wash.

Back to your situation... what are you applying your shampoo with? Do you still use a wash bucket? two wash buckets? grit guard? Do you flood the vehicle with a hose prior to drying?

These are a few things that may help with your washing and drying process if you aren't already doing them.

I use (1) wool wash mit and (1) large wash bucket ¾ full with water and quality car shampoo. I use pressure washer to presoak and remove surface grime with special attention paid to wheel wells and lower surfaces to remove all surface grit and grime.

I them wash the car's body and windows regularly rinsing my mit to remove any residual particulates to avoid scratching. I do this in quarters followed by a rinse with the pressure washer. Since I am using DI water I can wait until the very end to dry. Then to cleaning the wheels and tires. After all is clean I do a global pressure rinse.

Next is to dry. Since there's usually a good coat of wax on the car the water is already well beaded and ready to come off. The leaf blower is used top to bottom and held 2-3 inched off the surface. Continue until completely dry. The beauty of this system is that you can remove water from joints and seams so that it doesn't reappear later to leave streaks and spots.

The leaf blower works great on wheels too. After drying is complete I them continue to wax if necessary and viola... clean car with a minimal of contact with the paint.
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