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Originally Posted by Patrys@BimmerTech View Post
If you decide to retrofit the Combox Telematics, which is more expensive than the Media version, but supports BMW Assist, there is still a chance to enable Assist.
At least what I can do for sure is enable the SOS calls, so you will be able to call Assist and they will get your location. However enabling full Assist with their services does not depend entirely on me...
If we get the Combox Telematics with the SOS calls enabled, do you know if that would include the ability to send addresses via Google Maps to my BMW?

The SOS Assist and the Send to Car features are what I would miss the most about this upgrade.

Would it make sense to upgrade the maps before applying this upgrade? I would hate to pay all this money for the retrofit and then have the map upgrade reflash the iDrive to lose the new functionality.