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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Stumbled across this thread and realized you're the guy who blew by me in a 25 mph zone by the peninsula hotel going about 55. Cool car, but not when you drive it like that.
1.) Seeing as how there is more than one 335i with black badging and black wheels in West L.A., I don't see how you can affirmatively say this.

2.) The stretch of road (Santa Monica Blvd.) where the Peninsula is located is a stone's throw from Wilshire Blvd. and is an off angle intersection. I personally would never blow through there - its blind and not to mention incredibly cop ladden. Speeding in Beverly Hills isn't worth it, ever.

3.) There is usually a tremendous amount of traffic in that area and absent the clearance of a monster truck, I'm not aware of anyway its possible to get through there at that speed unless you're well off from prime hours.

4.) I haven't driven in front of the Peninsula Hotel for at least two months. If not more.

5.) If I was indeed the driver of the car at the time you were in the area, I would say I'm sorry you feel you we're blown past by me - but the only way I see this remotely possible is if you were rubber necking in an open and free flow situation and going well below the flow of traffic. The stretch of road in question has a posted limit of 35mph. If you were driving at 25mph - this is either because you were stuck in traffic - which means I would have been as well or you were crawling for whatever reason and left a lot of open road around you. In either case, if the road was open, cvc 22350 (a divided road with two or more lanes in either direction) shows that the prima facie limit on this stretch of road is 65mph, will still would put your claim of 55mph as 10mph, under.

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