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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Yea, it was you because it had the same Lucent stickers and track stickers which I was somehow able to barely make out even though this was at night.
AND I was going TWICE your claimed speed, too. Little tiny little track stickers which don't even show up at night. Right.

So, basically, you're describing everything you saw in the photos. Lovely.

No one buys tiag E92s (i mean that they are more uncommon), especially modded exactly the way yours is.
No one has my mechanical improvements, but I know of at least two other cars that superficially appear similar to mine, both in West L.A.

Plus, you're an asian dude and your passenger was another asian dude.
SO awesome! Open mouth. Insert foot. Swallow.

LOL! I'm as white as white gets (unfortunately for me). BIG WHITE FACE. WITH EYEGLASSES. BIG ROUND EYES. And while I DO have Asian friends, 99.99% of the time, I ride with my Asian friends, not the other way around.

You have completely discredited yourself. Congratulations. Insert foot in mouth and swallow.

So. Either:

a.) you saw another car that looks like mine and now think it was me (but it wasn't)
b.) you never saw any car and are just attempting to bate me with a false allegation

Either way, the moment you said I'm Asian and was driving with an Asia, you completely killed your story. Nice!

And get your eyes checked because it's a 25 mph zone. I live a few blocks from there and have been on that road 500 times this year and see the 25 mph sign almost daily.
Thanks for the advice.

Just sayin don't speed through there bro. You'll be paying some cops. and don't get so defensive man. You're ready to throw down at the slightest bit of adversity. On the internet.
I appreciate the counsel. But here's the thing - if you're intention was GENUINE and you meant nothing more than to offer friendly, advice, you would have sent me a private message. You didn't. Your choice of ACTION speaks much louder than your selection of words.


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