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Originally Posted by FourPtDrift View Post
"Whether it was you or not."

See, that's the problem. Making an allegation, certainly one that qualifies as potentially unlawful conduct, even if you have no certainty of your claim, doesn't seem to matter to you. How is it that you don't see anything wrong with that?

While I doubt ANYONE would take issue with your advice (certainly, I don't - its sound and good advice), its coming somewhat "after the fact" and as such, it isn't much of a leap to perceive it as disingenuous. If you wanted to be a good samaritan and offer friendly counsel on an issue that you weren't certain if it was me or not, you would have privately contacted me. I've been around long enough to know an intended flame when I see it.

On the issue of "long paragraphs," well, it takes only a handful of words to say something patently wrong - it takes MANY MORE to reply affirmatively. This is not "chest puffing." You're A to B to C is completely backwards. You opened the door - I merely responded.

And as far as the "entry to BH" The high-speed, border point is Moreno Drive, not Santa Monica and Wilshire.

Again, calm down Dan. You're being very sensitive.