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Originally Posted by frozenfire View Post
Hey i just have one question about the gauge "needles", I haven't taken mine off. but how are these plugged/inserted into the cluster? say i take it off, when i put it back on, is there more than way to insert it back? or does it just go on one way. The reason i ask was that i did this in my 2001 celica back in high school and when i put the needle back on it was about 1.5-2 mph off... it was kind of annoying, (and pretty much impossible to get it on again "exact"). although no one that drove my car ever noticed it, only i did. but it sill bothered me.

The needles end in 'hollow tubes' which slide (very snugly) onto metal pins which are the shafts of the motors. When installing back, you'll need to line them up perfectly, then push down, sometimes it takes a few tries to get them perfectly lined up. Also, you don't want to push too far/hard as if they're down further than they're supposed to be, there'll be friction between them and the backing faces and they'll catch on and skip as opposed to move freely like they're supposed to.

Taking them off the first time is the hard part, try to do it with something soft to avoid any damage. After that, you'll see exactly what I'm on about when you go to install them.