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I am about due for a battery change. It looks like probably an AGM type for my 2007 335i E92. To accomplish the battery adaption, I am looking at buying a Bavarian Technic Enthusiast Kit. I am not 100% certain which kit I need.

Option 1 includes One 6' Bavarian Technic USB-to-OBDII cable.
Option 2 includes One 6' USB-to-OBDII and one 20-pin round adapter cable

It looks like I should need just option 1 to connect to the OBD2 Connector behind cover on kick panel.

I think I have that straight now that I found the information.

I haven't seen any data about if there is a difference in functionality of this cable/software for cars without iDrive. I don't have iDrive. I am guessing there is no difference, but I would rather not deal in guesswork in buying one of these. Is this correct that there is no difference for using this with/without iDrive?

At first glance, It appears to have a lot of features, but the website does not go into much detail.

If it were going to be for battery registration only, I would just pay the dealership or some other shop. I may as well just spend this little more and get something I can use for other purposes.