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E90 LCI - Replacement rear light confusion

Hi All

Some scumbag smashed my offside rear light in the side panel so I need a replacement

My car is a UK 320d ED wich was delivered on 15th October 2010. I'm a bit confused about which is the correct part number.

Ive been quoted part number 6321 7289426 by the dealer, with a price of 186.

I have, however seen a couple on eBay with the number 6321 7154154 for 50-60 and still states to fit an E90 LCI, one even quotes 6321 7289426 as well as 6321 7154154, as though they are the same thing.

Any ideas what is what?

A saving of 120 or so would be very handy if I can get one off eBay.

Any help appreciated.