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Originally Posted by byoung8 View Post
I want to do this to my car, but it just seems like a lot of work and time. Seems like the cost is so low for a high reward though. I'm torn, but I dont think my wife will give me a full day to wrench on the car with a 6month old.

I wonder if this was a process of CPO cars...that would be awesome
I highly doubt that they do it on a CPO. But have not asked or tried to verify my claim in anyway.
But maybe you can do it like I did and do it a few hours a day over the course of a few days/weeks?

I have no kids, but I am pretty busy and have no garage where i live. so i've using my parents garage. I did 4 hours last saturday, and 2 sunday. i think im about 70% done (but i should be able to finish this saturday). I have a spare car though, so having my 335i out of commision for a while is only a psychological problem. but I do think it will be worth it after seeing the mess that was inside of those valves... =O