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Originally Posted by sd23 View Post
Hey guys, I need some help in diagnosing this problem. I have 2006 330i sport and premium package. I do not posses the records of it being served pre- 87k miles.

My problem is since yesterday, I have been getting a new jerk that wasn't there on shifting up and down. It's technically uncomfortable and feels like the jerk you get from placing the car in manual mode. This is primarily between 3rd-4th and 4th-5th. I don't know if this has to do anything with the suspension since it's worn.

So far, I have changed the spark plugs oil and air filter. I plan to change the suspension on the front this week (strut mount, stabilization links, bushings, struts etc.) and rear shocks.)

Any help with troubleshooting and repairing
i get the same thing when my car is in D and shifts from 2nd to 3rd. Very jerky and rough. Also when I'm in D and slow down to a 7-8 mph crawl the transmissions jerks. I've reset the trans adaption values and it helps for 100 miles or so but just comes back.
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