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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
Pretty disappointing. They just don't seem to have that other gear that they've called upon in the past to close games out. Howard hasn't been a difference maker and in the playoffs you need that. Niemi has been much, much better.
Well, the first two games, Howard stood on his head and the skaters sucked.

In Game 3 the skaters did well (should have finished better still, but at least they put some pucks in the net and more importantly severely limited SJ's scoring chances), but Howard was extremely subpar.

When you always have only one element of your game clicking at a time, you'll lose close games. They need to be a team that has everything clicking at once, and their "off-days" need to be shared by all aspects of play. That way, you win a bunch of games and then once in a while you'll lose by a bunch, but in the end all that counts is wins and losses, not how closely you played the other team.