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Originally Posted by TL View Post
nice one....i've always wanted to visit a place like that. where was it taken at?
it's just outside of paige arizona right on the border of arizona and utah.

"the wave" is also pretty close by, something to google. I didn't see it sadly.

this was Antelope canyon, i think it was the lower canyon if i remember correctly.

I would definitely go back, and the nice thing is they will let you take a tripod down there. If i had known at the time, i would have taken mine with me. They will also let you go in alone to take pictures after you do the tour if you want, and you can take as much time as you like.

I know a lot more about photography now then i did when i was in there, so i really want to go back and get better shots. That whole area is very unique. Starting from the Grand Canyon over to Paige arizona is beautiful and interesting coloured rock faces, and then from Paige Arizona up towards Moab Utah is all different colours and neat monuments (natural formations) and then in the distance you start to see mountains again.
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