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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Watching those pussies get away with all that cheap-shotting and diving last year didn't make you hate them? You're a better man than I am, I guess. It's the same reason I hated Philly last year. They pulled the same shit.

I didn't hate them before that.
Dude trust me I hated that crap. What made it worse was the refs didnt call shit. I think I took it out more on them then on SJ because they were allowing it.

Plus have you been to a game in SJ? I went to the playoff series a few years ago when Robert Lang was on the team and got us into overtime with 20 seconds left. Matthew Schneider ended it for us in OT and I cheered and literally had beer and shit thrown all over me ha. On the way out everyone wanted to fight me it was nuts.

I guess I do hate them haha. Just somehow still not as much as thoses bitches kane hossa and the hawks and those hick fucks in Nashville.
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