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Originally Posted by mikem View Post
I drove a 330d which felt a little quicker, so took mine to a R/R and it was about 10% down on what it should`ve been. I then took it to another R/R who ran it 4 times with the same figures, every time which were only 3 hp out compared to the first R/R. We then loaded a different map on and it ran 235 hp and 520 Nm, which is roughly where it should`ve been. We then rang DMS who claimed the car must`ve had a software update (it hadn`t, I cheked with the dealer) and arranged to send a tech out to re-do it. I took it back to the R/R 2 days later and guess what............still down on what it should`ve been.
So the 235hp map wasnt DMS's ? Why did you not stick with this one ?